The core business of Ingushneft is oil searching, exploration, production and storage, as well as oil sale to the Customers in the Russian Federation.
The authorized capital of RN Ingushneft OJSC is 100.000 rubles. The main shareholder of the Company is CGC Holding LLC which owns 51% of its shares.
The key factors of RN Ingushneft OJSC to reach the goals are:
  • Continuous efficiency improvement in all businesses.
  • Innovative approach to the Company development;
  • Increasing information transparency and openness;
  • Compliance with high standards of corporate governance;
  • Strict compliance with Russian and International environmental and industrial safety standards.
Business is located within the territory of the Republic of Ingushetia. Tectonically, it is confined to the Tersko-Sunzha dislocation zone, which includes two systems of high-amplitude linear-elongated anticlinal folds of the block structure in the latitudinal direction. Hydrocarbon fields were discovered there and have been developed for many years in the stratigraphic range from the Upper Jurassic to the Miocene. The work site is characterized by complex surface-technogenic conditions. The primary objects to increase the resource base are associated with the autochthonous parts of the folds of the Sunzha anticline zone.
The fields are located in the central part of the Republic of Ingushetia. There are 4 multi-layer deposits in total. The section contains oil and gas bearing layers of Miocene to Jurassic deposits.
Production is currently underway at the Malgobek-Voznesenskoye (1), Karabulak-Achalukskoye (2), Zamankulskoye (3) and Sernovodskoye (4) fields.
The Company history
The Ingushetia oil industry dates back almost 200 years and is one of the oldest in Russia. For the first time, oil began to be extracted in the village of Voznesenskaya in 1823 by hand — they scooped it with buckets from the oil wells and took it out for processing to the world's first Dubinin brothers’ oil refinery (near Mozdok).
The industrial development of oil deposits began only in 1933. On August 24 the first oil fountain struck from well No.13 from the depth of 1.180 meters. This day is considered the day Malgobek oil field development. The powerful fountain of oil (500 tons per day), obtained from well No.6/2 in the same year played a big role in Malgobek growth. The whole country built the city and oil fields. Since 1935 sinking of wells was growing and by 1940 it reached 6020 meters per month setting the All-Union record.
In 1936 the Malgobek oilmen produced 1 million 243 thousand tons of oil, and by the beginning of 1941 production of “black gold” increased significantly to 1 million 325 thousand tons.

During the Great Patriotic War the work of the oil industry became a matter of life without exaggeration. Despite the fierce battles for Malgobek, Ingushetia became one of the most important donor regions to the front.
In 1942 the Malgobek oilmen were awarded the Order of Lenin by the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for supplying the front with fuel. At the same time they were among those who defended their city from the fascist invaders. In the subsequent years of Soviet power our oilmen were the leaders of production.
After formation of the Republic of Ingushetia in 1992, the difficult 90s and early 2000s, a new rise in the oil industry of the region began. On March 1, 2011 at the general meeting of representatives of Rosneft Oil Company OJSC and the Ministry of Property Relations of Ingushetia, RN Ingneft OJSC was established (since 2013 RN Ingushneft JSC). The technical formation of the Company took place on the material basis of the property complex of Ingushneftegazprom OJSC.
In March 2021 the Company Rosneft sold its controlling parcel of shares in 51% of Centergeko Holding LLC.
Today, oil production continues at the Malgobek Voznesenskoye, Karabulak-Achalukskoye, Zamankulskoye and Sernovodskoye fields, the old production is being actively modernized and the fund of existing wells is increasing.
The appearance of CGC Holding LLC was also marked by rendering charitable assistance for 7 million rubles to three educational institutions of Ingushetia, where children with disabilities and orphans study.
RN Ingushneft OJSC is one of the largest budget-forming enterprises on the territory of the Republic of Ingushetia having positive impact on development of the economy and on the social sphere.
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