Dagneftegaz OJSC was established in 2003 to conduct exploration and development of oil and gas fields in the coastal zone of the piedmont Dagestan. The main fields of the Company are the Dimitrovskoye oil and gas condensate field, the Makhachkala-Tarki oil and gas condensate field and the Izberbash oil and gas condensate field. OC Rosneft-Dagneft OJSC and OC Rosneft OJSC were the founders of the Joint-Stock Company for the period of the Company's formation.
Since August 13, 2021 CENTERGEKO HOLDING LLC is the Managing Company of Dagneftegaz OJSC
Holding information
Key activities
Oil and gas fields exploration, upstream operations and sales
Exploration, development, drilling, installation of oil and gas fields, as well as construction and repair work
Licenses for geological exploration and upstream operations in the following areas:
1. Western Izerbash
2. Karabudakhkentskoye
3. Agachaulskoye
4. Safaralinskoye
5. Karlanyurtovskoye
6. Karatyubinskoye
7. DaguOgni
8. Dimitrovskoye
9. Makhachkala-Tarki
10. Shamkhal-Bulak
11. Izberbash
12. Novolakskoye
In the entire history of Dagneftegaz five new wells have been drilled with average depth of about 4.500 m. The Company's prospects are related to geological exploration at the Safarali, Karabudakhkent, Karatyube, Karlanyurt, Western Izberbash areas, as well as further involvement in development of residual reserves at existing fields.
Today, one of the main tasks of our Company is to maintain the achieved level of extraction from the existing wells by carrying out WO operations and current WO operations, as well as restoring wells from the liquidated fund. In addition, Dagneftegaz OJSC intends to increase the volume of oil and gas production by drilling new wells and WO operations of the existing ones. Hydraulic fracture is one of the priorities in the field of increasing oil extraction from the existing wells.
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75a Tankayeva str., Makhachkala,
The Republic of Dagestan, 367008
tel. 68-02-69, 70-22-13
fax 68-02-69, 67-59-35
e-mail: dng@rndng.ru