Oil and gas are the main wealth of our country. It is a reliable basis for economic stability and growth, the state development and further prosperity as a whole.

The Russian Federation is one of the most energy-rich countries in the world. Many regions of Russia are developing natural hydrocarbon raw materials. The beautiful mountainous region on the shore of the Caspian Sea — Dagestan is among such regions containing “black gold” and “blue flame”.
The first mention of oil encountering on the shores of the Caspian Sea was given by the ancient Greek writer Plutarch in the IV century BC, describing the campaigns of the Commander Alexander the Great.

Over time, due to increase in oil consumption, interest to “black gold” places has also increased.
The Company history
The real geological study of Dagestan started in 1860 with the research of academician Abikh who is called the “father of Caucasian geology”.
In 1894 the first well was drilled at the Berikey field by former railway employee V. I. Kozlyakovsky and oil was obtained from depth of 182 meters.
In 1936 the 600-ton oil fountain from well No. 8 at the Izberbash field marked the beginning of industrial oil production in Dagestan.
The contribution of the oilmen of Dagestan to the Great Patriotic War victory is invaluable. In the harsh forties many oilmen volunteered for the front, women, children and the elderly took their places. Together with the remaining oilmen, they forged victory on the labor front. In 1942, the Makhachkala and Tarnair fields were discovered, which provided a lot of fuel and combustive and lubricating materials for combat vehicles during the war.
In 1948 by the suggestion of engineer B. A. Raginsky for the first time in the Soviet Union the construction of offshore pier was started for development of the Izberbash oil field.
Since 1958 the extensive development of the Nogai steppe began. In 1959 the oil fountain was obtained from well No.2 in Yuzhno-Sukhokumsk which began revival and further development of the industry.
The maximum oil production level in the Republic was reached in 1970 — 2 million 178 thousand tons.

Since 1971 decline in oil production began, the initial geological assessment of the “black gold” reserves of Dagestan was not accurate and exceeded.
In the 90s of the last century, during the period of political and economic instability due to military operations in the Chechen Republic, the Dagneft Association found itself in a difficult situation. The oilmen of Dagestan were practically abandoned to self-survival.

In May 1994 the Dagneft Production Association was transformed into the Open Joint-Stock Company with 51% of state share.
In the tragic days of 1999 for Dagestan, when the detachments of gangs invaded the Republic, the oilmen of Dagestan, as part of the self-defense units, left for the Botlikh district on the first day and stood up to defend their native country, the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation.
In 2003 in order to conduct work concerning exploration and development of oil and gas fields in the Primorskaya zone of the Piedmont Dagestan, the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of OC Rosneft —Dagneft OJSC dated July 21, 2003 No.3 decided to establish Dagneftegaz OJSC, where 60% of the authorized capital belongs to OC Rosneft — Dagneft OJSC, and 40% - OC Rosneft OJSC.
The innovative modernization of the Company began with Muslim Gindiev coming to the leadership, who was elected the General Director of the Company in 2011.
In 2014 OC Rosneft — Dagneft PJSC took the 2nd place in the integrated rating among the oil and gas producing subsidiaries of OC Rosneft OJSC group B (with oil production up to 6 million tons).
In 2015 OC Rosneft — Dagneft OJSC was transformed into the OC Rosneft-Dagneft Public Joint Stock Company.

In 2015 OC Rosneft — Dagneft PJSC took the 1st place in the integrated rating among the oil and gas producing subsidiaries of OC Rosneft OJSC group B (with oil production up to 6 million tons).

The reconstruction of the oil pipeline from the Yuzhno-Sukhokumsk Gas Station to the RN-Stavropolneftegaz LLC Central Oil and Gas Processing Facility with length of 51 km was carried and the problematic sections of oil pipelines with a total length of 26.2 km were reconstructed as well.

The Company created a comprehensive long term development program.
In 2020 OC Rosneft-Dagneft PJSC was transformed into OC Rosneft-Dagneft JSC.
In 2021OC Rosneft-Dagneft JSC was transformed into Dagneft JSC.
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